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Email Traffic List

Email Traffic List

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Viral List Building Meets HUGE Loyalty Rewards!

Viral List Builder

Adchiever Viral List Builder

This one awesome List Builder from Darren Olander

A new breed of Viral List Builder.

It’s called adchiever, and you get HUGE rewards
just for earning more and more advertising.

What can you win?

* Free Upgrades!

* Login Page Ads (a full page view of your ad as
a user logs in)

* Premium Banner Ads (highest conversion spots
within the members area)

* Mailing Credits (Send your email ad to
hundreds or thousands more!)

The more you use adchiever the greater the
rewards get, and they get REALLY BIG!

Plus, you will get 300 free mailing credits
just for joining… this is some great free
advertising that just can’t be missed!


P.S. Upgraded members have some really huge
benefits, so make sure to look
out for the offer immediately after you join
to grab the discounted price!

Trust me, this is an offer you don’t want
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Great changes on Viral List Builder Plus

Viral List Builder Plus

Recently on VLBPlus John Bell added some new features.
One of this is that now you can leave messages when you read someone else email. This thing can help you to improve your sites that you advertise or you can tell other members that are interested about your website more. Can help you to get more referrals or make more sales.
Another cool thing is that you can see when you read a email what that member did recently: what email he/she sent or what email he/she read. This can increase the open rates for the emails other sent or you.

For those that don't know Viral List Builder Plus is a great list builder with some unique features that can help you with the programs and websites that you promote online. It is a great place to advertise thru emails.

If you want to try it you can join here.


Over 4,000,000 hits on ExplosiveTraffic

Explosive Traffic the best Co-op site out there just reach 4,000,000 hits from over 1,700 traffic sources.
So, if you want your share of free traffic for your website join now and let your website traffic explode.
You will get hits from top traffic exchanges like: easyhits4u, 247trafficpro, trafficdelivers and many other traffic exchanges.

Viral List Builder Plus- Top Viral Mailer

Top Viral Mailer One of the best viral list is ViralListBuilderPlus owned by John Bell.
It has over 5100 members already and a good open rate.
Besides the good open rates it has some unique features.
As a free member you can email every 7 days, but if you upgrade you can email at every 5, 3 or 2 days it depends what type of upgrade do you have.
Also you can earn unique reward points if you will read the emails sent by members that have top upgrade, and you can redeem those points for many stuff like: credits, referrals or lifetime upgrades.
You can earn commission from 10% if you are a free member up to 60% if you have the top upgrade.
Another good thing for those that have the top upgrade is that they can earn prizes for reading emails like banners, text ads or cash prizes.
So in other words this site is great and you get good results.
Join now if you are not yet a member.
It is recommended to use Gmail for signing up.

How and where to promote your websites for free

How to promote a site ?

From what i saw online many people don't know how to promote a website on traffic exchanges especilly when they use a splashpage made by them.

They put to many informations on the page but they don't take in consideration the timer that members have on those traffic exchanges.

You have to put information that you want to see and it will make you join that site not just a bunch a words and pictures.

Anyway from what i saw the best way to promote a traffic exchange for example is to keep in rotation 24/7 on a few traffic exchanges, they don't have to be big websites it is okey to promote on sites that have from 2,000 members up to 15,000.

A few places where i got results where :

1.Traffic Swirl (also if you get the position for the site of the day that helps a lot, i got in one day 4 referrals on the site of the day that i had)

 - this is a great social site where beside traffic you can earn also cash prizes

2. Marketing Surf

3. Big Beach Hits

4. Traffic Delivers

5. FroggyHits

6. Booming Website Traffic

7. Hot Website Traffic

8. Website Traffic Hog

9. Conversion Surf

This sites are not in order of the conversion or something like that.

Out there are more website but this ones are between the top 10. You can surf on bigger sites like Easyhits4U but you want to reach all members that surf that day, you want them to see your page at least once.

If you surf on all of them each day @2 – 3 hours that should be enough to keep them in rotation until next day.


Now beside surfing you can use a CO-OP site something like ExplosiveTraffic where you can show your sites on other traffic sources that you don't use(you don't surf on those sites).

On this site you can customize your traffic sources so your sites will not be displayed on the sites that you surf.


Now you can find traffic exchanges where you can send emails to the other site members.

Some sites like that are ListSurfing (they have a very high open rate) and FastCashandTraffic (i got a pretty good number of referrals – be carefull what Subject Line you use is very important).


If you already doing all this you can do more…

You have to use viral list builders and safelists. On this sites you read emails ,receive credits for that and you use them to send emails to other members that will do the same.Some of the best sites are:

1. The Lead Magnet  – ranked for 42 Weeks #1

  – Very good site i got a sale from 1st mail i sent as upgraded member

2. Viral List Builder

  – Unique site where you can earn also unique points that you can redeem them for credits, referrals or lifetime upgrade

  – Also the members that have the top upgrade can earn prizes for reading emails( cash prize, banners, text ads)

3. TopTierMailer

  – very good open rates you can send email to the entire database even if you are a free member

4. Adchiever

  – very nice rewards for reading emails also you get good open rates


  – unique site where you earn time ads while you read emails and you can use that time bonus to display your banners

6.SMG Mailer – new site very good open rates

  – very good open rates over 12% so far you can earn prizes for reading emails also you can earn credits when your referrals read emails and you get back the credits for emails that are not open

Explosive Traffic

If you want to explode the traffic for your site now you can.
Using ExplosiveTraffic you can drive traffic to your site from many traffic exchanges with no effort.
Also you can choose your traffic source which is great.
This is one of the best co-op sites i ever seen.
Join now and try it.
OTO offers are available just ONCE after you sign up so if you want to save money with the upgrade you should take those great offers.
Website stats for the first 8 days:
Members Sites have been viewewd 582,565 times at 616 different Traffic Sources!

New great feature on Traffic Swirl

Traffic Swirl - Increase your website traffic
A new unique way to earn credits and cash prizes is now available on Traffic Swirl and is called Rapid Win.All you have to do is to pick a spot on a grid and wait 10 minutes to see if you won credits or cash prizes.f no one owns the winning box then everyone gets to keep their spots and the Jackpots all increase for the next game.
Come and try it!

Marketing surf works

Earn unique points with this traffic exchange site.

You can redeem them for free for upgrades, referrals, rotators, custom splash pages and more.

Also you can find cash pages from 1 cent up to 5$.

They also have many promos every week and they give away prizes every week for surfers.

Join now for free!

Surf 50 pages and receive 100 credits(visits) that you can use to promote your online program

Best Paid to Click program (PTC) :: Clixsense :: Update

1. There is a new link at the bottom of the picture: Refresh. Click this link to refresh all the information on the page without having to refresh the whole page as you would do by hitting F5 on your keyboard, or clicking on the refresh button on your browser. This produces a much faster page refresh. *

2. The same refresh function is also used when you finish viewing an advert. So now a page refresh is much faster up to 10 times in some cases! You will now have to wait a little bit less between ad views.

3. Moving your mouse over the boxes “Recent Winners” and “Last $5.00 Winners” now expands these boxes to the full height of the game area for better visibility.

4. Many behind-the-scenes optimizations have also been done to make the whole game faster and more efficient. You may not notice a difference but this was done to support the growth ClixGrid has been experiencing.

5. And last but not least you now have the chance to win 5 extra chances when clicking on a winning box. For example, as a standard member you have the normal 25 daily chances and if you are lucky to win this bonus your chances for the day are increased by 5 each time you win this. With that said there is no limit on how many times you may win this on a day, as there is no limit on how many times you may win cash prizes. The bonus chances need to be played on the same day they were won, they won’t carry over to the next day.

* Locking the picture makes the refresh even faster if you don’t already have all the pictures on your browser’s cache. To lock the picture click on Lock Picture found at the bottom of the picture, or click Unlock Picture to disable this.

List Builder


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